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Michael Nazarian, D.D.S.

Why You Need A Family Dentist In Los Angeles

Dental Articles >> March 20, 2013 >>

The idea of entering a dentist's office is a source of apprehension for most people. For many, there's that gnawing feeling that it might be an unpleasant experience and certainly not the type of event one looks forward too.

Parents with small children are even more reluctant to subject their child to what maybe a down right scary event. Parents want to know that their dentist is going to provide a caring and compassionate experience for their children. Exposing a child to a dentist at an early age will alleviate many of concerns that it has to be a painful experience. Positive oral checkups become a thing of pride for a child whom undoubtedly will tell everyone that they had no cavities, while beaming with a smile.

Finding a dentist that provides an atmosphere that is warm and friendly can be a challenge, especially one for the whole family. Your dentist should make you feel at home. Greeting you by name as though you are friend and not just another patient. Engaging in conversation by simply asking how you are doing and giving an appropriate response goes a long way in making people feel welcome.

Nobody likes sitting in a waiting room reading last years copies of People magazine, or trying to keep the kids calm and entertained while you wait. Finding a Dental Office that understands that sitting in a cold uninviting clinical room only adds to the apprehension one feels while waiting for a check up or procedure. Finding a family friendly dentist that the focus is on providing a high quality service, and at the same time makes you feel welcome, is a rarity to say the least.

A dental practice that focuses on servicing the family should offer a comfortable and peaceful waiting environment with amenities for all ages. Many dental practices choose to offer very little in the way of comfort features and wonder why their patient fails to return.

Although everyone has different ideas of what is comfortable and trying to please everyone can be next to impossible. A family friendly dentist should provide a number of amenities for their patients. Comfortable seating in the waiting room along with cable television and a selection of reading materials is normally a good start. Another staple amenity should include a play area for children with toys that can keep the little ones entertained rather than fidgeting in a waiting room. There is nothing like a small child that is bored. They have a tendency to let everyone around them know they would much rather be somewhere else. This often makes the parents and other patients edgy and uncomfortable. One of the things that seem to calm a room is a well-kept aquarium. There is something about aquatic life that is soothing in almost any environment. People enjoy gazing as the aquarium comes to life while the sea creatures swim about. Seemingly, without a care in the world.

A thoughtful family dentist won’t stop at just the waiting room. By offering state of the art equipment such as leather-padded patient’s chairs, cable television or headphones to listen to music can induce a calming affect in the procedure room. It’s these subtle items that can go a long way in helping get over the anxiety of a visit. Although patients typically won’t say anything, it can get a bit chilly in an air-conditioned room when undergoing a procedure. The dentist may be warm and comfortable because they are working and moving about, but the patient who is lying in a reclined chair will undoubtedly feel a chill when the room temperature is set at seventy-two degrees. Offering a warm blanket would be much appreciated by anyone.

A family friendly dentist should cater to the family client and make it as inviting and pleasant as possible.

By Dr. Michael Nazarian, DDS

This article is copyrighted by Dr. Michael Nazarian, DDS

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